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We have combined the internationally recognised INBTI man trailing system, with our Bastion Operational Risk Management System to produce a state-of-the-art K9 Unit. The result is more than 500 successful missions in the last five years. 

Bastion uses the only INBTI qualified instructors in Africa, along with three internationally recognised assistants to train our dogs and handlers in man-trailing. All our dog handlers are qualified, licensed and undergo regular refresher training to ensure that our high standards are maintained. Depending on each client's individual needs, we create a new K9 group from scratch, train the dogs and handlers and consistently help them to reach the necessary level of skill for both proactive and reactive work.




The Royal eSwatini Police uses our K9 Unit extensively to assist in solving crimes. Our K9 Unit also plays a critical role in our community relations programs.


We have completed assignments on behalf of various public, private and government sector clients leading to a collection of convictions. The oldest trail we have followed to date was a 21-days old, and the longest trail we had followed was 20-kilometres. We have done ID Parades of over 40 people.

We have solved a wide variety of cases such as:

  • Theft of store goods, Diesel, Timber and Copper.

  • Break-Ins

  • Armed Robberies

  • Missing Persons

  • Rape Cases

  • Murders

  • Sabotage

  • Dagga Issues

  • ID Parades

  • Fire

  • Poaching

The Bastion K9 Unit focuses on three main aspects of training:

  • Dog Training

    • Patrols

    • Incidents (Man Trailing)

  • Handler Training

  • Management of our client's K9 Units

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For crime prevention, we train and use patrol dogs when needed. As for dealing with incidents, we make use of man-trailing dogs. We start training our dogs from as young as 3 days old in man-trailing to ensure excellently trained K9’s. On top of this, we train specialised Detection Dogs for compounds such as explosives, any drugs, honey, aardvarks or whatever our clients may need.


We create a handler for each one of our K9’s by using the INBTI system. We believe that providing our clients with just a trained dog has only solved half of the dilemma. It is paramount that we also provide a trained handler who knows how to manage our dog to ensure that the group meets our standards and is kept up to date with training schedules. With this program, our trainers are also taught basic care and how to handle the dog so that it is capable of its function.


We use a management system that is unique to Bastion. By doing this, we ensure that our K9’s and handlers are matching our level of expertise. We do this by recording all their training sessions, missions and receiving constant feedback from the handlers. We ensure that our dogs are trained daily so that they perform to the best of their abilities while on a mission.

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