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The military machine is a complex structure. It deals with management on every level – logostics, personnel, crisis, career, fleet, financial and more. It is in fact the largest business in most countries, with more at stake if mistakes are made. For that reason its management systems are in their own league. Bringing our experience from that environment into the civilian arena, makes us approach every situation with more structure.


We work with facts, not perceptions. We find out what is actually happening on the ground, by measuring it. Therefore the first phase in assessing a client's needs is to go to the site in question, determine what the current conditions are, and where the issues lie. We also find out what the client wants to achieve and then we measure gap between the two and build the "bridge".


The first step therefore is to truly understand the problem. After that we write an Operational and/or Site Security Plan, to address the current problems. Where necessary, we bring in our experts from each relevant department, to build a Taylor-made Solution to your needs.

Our system is able to provide two kinds of solutions:

  • Operational

  • Security


To pro-actively deal with potential security risks to your business.


To help with the successful function of your business.

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