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A key element in our system's success is our personnel procurement and training system. Without people that can successfully execute our plans on the ground, very little can be achieved. We pride ourselves in highest standards, with a less than 10% pass rate of students due to the high demands we place on them. For that reason we always do an intake of far more students than we expect to qualify. Once trained, our people gain a sense of ethos, self-respect and discipline. You can rest assured that every operator, ranger or CPO officer we put into the field, is prepared, skill and character tested and able to perform the tasks we assign them to. 

Our training centre prepares our general operators, our Quick Reaction Force, our K9 Handlers, our Riot Squads and our Control Room operators. We have and can also train fire responders, polygraphers, CPO officers and more.  

We also offer our Training Centre and Personnel Procurement to clients as a special service, which we would be happy to discuss on a case-by-case basis. 

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