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  operational risk management system

Our system was developed to address real-world issues, and bring genuine, measurable solutions to complex operational risk problems. We do this by implementing a suite of specialised services, which when integrated according to our methodology, establish control over the critical factors in the given problem.


Our solution is effective, not only because we have a diversity of world-class experts in our team, but because each of their individual expertise contribute a building block in our unique problem solving approach. Our system has been tried and tested in the most challenging environments, with results that speak for themselves. 

As a taste of what benefit our system might be to your problem, take a look at some of our most recent results:

  • Reducing a 16-year long fire risk from over 1000 hectares of average loses per annum, down to 60 hectares of average losses per annum for the past 6 years (and counting).

  • Turing mechanical workshop losses of E 10.8 million per annum into a profit of E 1 million per annum.

  • A 64% reduction in crime statistics around the Usutu Forest area of 75 000 square kilometres.

  • We have been used as a uniquely skilled service provider, to resolve various high profile cold cases for the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID).

  • One of our clients was the primary target during the national civil unrest, and in spite of this, experienced negligible losses.

Our team of experts have risk management skills honed in both corporate and conflict-torn settings,, with a combined work experience of more than 250 years. Our backgrounds are as diverse as the Army, Police, Air Force, Special Forces, Combat Medics, as well as the private sector.

Our system and experience together, make us able to adapt to the demands of our situation and terrain. Since each client’s risk scenario is unique, each solution is tailor-made. We have successfully adapted to the challenges presented in such diverse settings as South Africa, eSwatini, Mozambique, Botswana, Tanzania, Zambia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Sudan, Kenya and the United Kingdom.

We are confident that the Bastion's Operational Risk Management System, has the solution your company needs.



Our approach is built around four fundamental pillars.

  • Our Military Planning Approach

  • A Specialised Training System

  • Extensive Opperational Management

  • A Pro-Active Solutions Approach



We work with measurable facts, not perceptions. Therefore our first phase in assessing a client's needs is to go to the site in question, determine what the current conditions are, and where the issues lie. Then we write an operational and/or site security plan to address the current problems. We bring in experts from each of our relevant departments to build a taylor-made solution to your needs.



Every operator, ranger or CPO officer we put into the field, is first selected through our demanding personnel procurement process. After that, they must pass our training course which instills all the fundamental skills we require of them. Beyond this, we build an ethos of reliable character so that we know the quality of the people we build our systems on.



Once our plan is written, and our force trained, we implement our system and establish an extensive management system. Once a project is live, we measure every element continuously, to ensure that our outcomes are being reached and our service is effective. All this information is fed into a central control room which compiles the data into reports for your company.



A key element to our success is that we work pro-actively. We strive to solve problems before they happen, to anticipate issues, to establish good community relations and to address risks before they escalate. Preventing a problem is always more profitable than solving one. This is one place the insight of our team of experts with their vast experience is invaluable. We build these pro-active measures into our plan right from the beginning.



The above four pillars, are built by combining the following services we provide:

Contact us to see how we can help solve your challenges.


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